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/haɪ ˈfiːvər ˌentərˈteɪnmənt/

  1. a boutique company providing outstanding live music & event production for discerning clients 

  2. a group of expert musical directors specializing in music management, planning & seamless event execution

  3. a resource connecting event hosts & professional planners with befitting entertainment


/ðə ˈfiːvər/

  1. a state of heightened emotion & excitement for something (e.g., "I've got the fever for The Fever!")

  2. a contagious enthusiasm for outstanding live music

  3. a live band with impeccable sound, exceptional musicianship & impressive versatility



  1. milestones define the journey as meaningful and signal the next step

  2. a celebrated occurrence or significant event that signifies the start of a new chapter, often a momentous occasion (e.g., "MILESTONE's epic First Dance rendition set an unforgettable milestone for the Newlyweds, and the whole crew vibed hard, dancing non-stop all night!")

who we are

THE FEVER formed in 2006. We're experienced professional musicians, playing from solo on up to 9pc band, who've become tight knit friends over the years. 

MILESTONE is a 5pc to 9pc variety band that rocks. They play solo, duo or trio and dance bands 4pc-9pc. Milestone's musicians are our long time friends who have been rocking out events for 25 years. For over a decade, The Fever & Milestone have developed a mutually supportive relationship within the event industry, and our musicians often enjoy playing together. 

Combining expertise & outstanding technical skill with friendly fun & musical playfulness gives both our bands the extraordinary versatility to play just about anything. From elegant to electrifying and uplifting to reminiscent, the musicians inspire guests to engage with one another & truly enjoy your event. 

We're more than just musicians creating a good musical vibe, High Fever Entertainment is a diverse team of directors, event organizers & managers, client liaisons, band leaders, versatile musicians, DJs, sound engineers & tech assistants. We manage the event details, get to know your tastes & style, and help create a plan for a naturally flowing event.


We emcee with presence, grace & charm, leaving the cheese at home. We customize to match your preferences, execute the timeline and work with your vendors, offering our assistance from start to end- we're a team, after all!

We're friendly, sophisticated & fun. We're knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. We're organized, efficient and easy to work with. And we love helping people make their dream events come true!

what we do

From solo to ensemble, and flexible dance bands from 4-piece to 9-piece, our bands provide music for part or all your event.


We create moods from romantic to reminiscent, tantalizing to thrilling, and enchanting to epic. We offer enticing & familiar melodies for elegant ceremonies or upbeat cocktail hours, and absolutely crushing solos with can't-help-but-dance grooves for high energy celebrations.


We pretty much play it all, including traditional classical, jazz, soul, funk, Motown, classic rock, soft rock, alternative rock, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, older pop, modern pop, indie, Latin, bluegrass and newgrass, & more.

Working with space or budget limitations? We configure custom instrumentation & packages to accommodate. Envisioning diverse styles for various times & locations throughout your event? Our flexibility will make your dream event come true. Let’s get creative!

We provide more than just live music, we MC and assist with your entire event, set up early before guests arrive, provide a microphone for your use, help with planning & manage the timeline, all to ensure a fantastic flow of events. Customize anything anytime, including band size, breakaway ensembles, LED lighting, A/V support, lighting & decor, and more.


What do you envision? Let’s make it happen!

Why we love it

The band is tight and good music means good fun! All of our musicians are pros, and most of our core band has been playing together from the start. We have solid subs on every instrument, musicians we gig with often in various music scenes, so we're always covered in case of sickness or travel. Friends for all of these years, we know each other personally & musically, we still get a kick out of hanging out together and we love to play- we mean really play- together!

We’re the life of the party! We play live, interpreting the music in real time & authentically interacting with the crowd. We can extend songs when folks are tearing it up on the dance floor, shorten songs for special dances, or change up the feel & style to match your preferences. We never play with pre-recorded backing tracks, we're the real deal. Live musicians playing real music in real time for a real good time!

Getting to know our clients and their style means it's fun for us to create an atmosphere that truly reflects you, and fun for your guests to feel like this is really your band, and just the right musicians for your event! 

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